Saturday, June 19, 2010

Well That Was a Race...

So first tri in such a long and I felt it.

My swim - that I had such confidence in - was not where I would want it to be. I wasn't in the 30 at all. I was 128 out of the water...well not really out of the water as the time doesn't register until you are at transition - approximately 300m up a hill. I was just too wiped to run it. So I walked up and had probably 40 people pass me on the way. Being out of practice, I couldn't even undo my wetsuit zipper. One of the nice folks running past me grabbed it for me and unzipped I love that about triathlons. One of the things I don't like is that the waves the do  causes quite a traffic jam at points. As some very weak swimmers - stopping and treading water, some doing elementary backstroke - were all over the place. Now for me I believe that non-secure should be in the race, just not at the front. It is dangerous for them. I saw at least one woman calling for the kayak and forfeiting her day because she got thumped hard by the third wave.

Bike was ok. I felt pretty good except for some cramping. My ice cold water was also basically a tea without the bag - yes hot water. This on a day that was supposed to be thunderstorms. It turned out to be warm and humid. Not perfect conditions but oh well. Anyways back on the bike. Lots of rolling hills. Only one was a 'hard' effort. Several riders were worried about drafting calls (I guess) and rode four across the lane. (I will explain why this is an issue after) I came into transition feeling pretty - not at all dead by any means. I came in with the 222nd best bike.

Run. I started strong. Running 4:35/km. This lasted all of about 1km and then I started walking...a lot. The run was hot and, for a windy day, there was no breeze at all. It was hot. So I finished at an average of about 5:45/km, with the 351st time on the run.

This all left me realizing my pre-race goal of a top half finish. I finished 228th out of 619. It left me well short of a top 30 in the water though. Guess I have to practice my strengths too.

Now back to riding four across. As I came down one of the hills - at a very decent clip in the aero - some folks were riding across the entire. I shouted (kindly) 'on your left' four times with no movement. I passed on the left, periously close to the centre of the road...or so I thought. There are no centre of the road markings on the roads during this race. Apparently someone thought I crossed over though as I was greeted with a DQ on the timing board. C'est la vie. No biggie as I am only there to have fun, apparently the officials are not. There was drafting everywhere not enforced but centre of the road I believe there was six. As I said oh well.

Anyways I will have to do another sprint  some time soon so I can have an 'official' result.

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