Wednesday, June 16, 2010

3 Days Out - 1st Race In a LONNNG Time

So it is only a sprint and I have done plenty of them, but this one feels different. It is the first triathlon I will have completed in 4+ and after back surgeries and a significant decline in physical activity.

So hear I am 3 days out and I am worried about the crap and/or hot/humid weather, whether or not I will be the slowest one there and several other worries. I have done significant training (on and off)and I have sweet new kit and I ready...and yet still worried. I have a cold so that will be an issue to deal with and of course two kids in a car over 5.5hrs or so.

No biggie though. I am hoping to place somewhere in the middle of the pack. Last year's race had 545 participants, so I hope to be under 200. Not a lofty goal by any stretch but a goal nonetheless. I would really love to finish 1h20m or less but if I don't reach it I won't be unhappy. I would like to be top 30 in the swim though...that'd be nice.

Anyhow next blog post @ will be a day or two after the race.

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Kovas Palubinskas said...

Good luck with the race. After the layoff, finishing is a good goal and being in the top half sounds doable as well.

Brian said...

hey thanks - appreciate the good words

cdnhollywood said...

Smiths Falls? If so, I'll see you there.

But with a 1h20 time, I'll probably only see you at the swim start. :D

Brian said...

not Smiths Falls...I am doing Guelph Lake 1.

Amy said...

Great, I was entertained by the post. I learn more things on it. Thanks!!!