Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Surgery Is Done....Boy It Hurts

My surgery has been completed.

I now have less spine than I had previously...sounds bad eh?

I am already walking around the house, albeit gingerly and heavily medicated.

Once I have my body working properly I will set about about doing some training.

I will not be doing Muskoka as I had hoped months ago. I am now thinking that the Canadian Half Iron in Ottawa is a possibility and if not the Olympic for certain.

Life is hard. Training is hard. Living to train hard is not smart. Living better and being better is what it is all about.

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cdnhollywood said...

Stumbled across your blog through a Google search. Tough luck with the back - but be nice to it and I'm sure you'll be back to it before you know it.

As for the Canadian Half, I'll see you there! Well, assuming my first in Carleton Place goes well enough.

Take care of that back! And be patient!