Sunday, March 23, 2008

Training Begins

I am not certain as to what sort or 'real' training I will be able to do, but I plan on starting longer walks, some strength training, 30 min or so on the trainer and will start hitting the pool this week.

I think for starters I will commit about 5 hours this week to training. My strength workouts will center on my core (obviously).

I will likely sign up for a sprint race at the end of July just to have carrot to dangle and motivate me.

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cdnhollywood said...

Great to see you motivated to get back on track. I commend you on being up to task. I'd still be lying on the couch eating bonbons.

Regarding your question for me re: half IMs, I'm planning on doing the Graham Beasley in mid-July and the Canadian 113 on August 31 (?). As for times, my first goal is to finish within regulation. Other than that, I'm hoping to be "around" 6hrs if all goes well. But truly, I have absolutely no idea.