Friday, March 28, 2008

Set-Back Again...go figure

Well after making my walking up to the 5km mark I have somehow done something as my imflamation has increased 10 fold.

I went to one physio appointment thus far and have gotten the word that I am basically really screwed up. I have an imbalance in most of stabilizing muscles and the more discrete ones (ie: tranverse abdominus etc) are weak because of my lack of working out.

I ams till hoping and am signing up for the Olympic Distance Race at the Canadian in Ottawa Aug 30. Further to that I am still hoping to 'run' a 5k race in May.

A little by little will be the order until my pieces are all functioning properly again. I guess this is a cautionary tale for overtraining and not listening to your body. If you feel pain, stop. It is that easy. I am not talking that 'good pain' you get when you stress your body, I am talking that pain that screams that something just ain't right.

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cdnhollywood said...

You've still got lots of time! Just hang back on your training - lots of smaller sets to start out. You'll be back in top-notch shape before you know it! Just don't push too hard for a few months.