Thursday, April 3, 2008

On With The Show

Here I am again hoping to kick start my training again.

Today I went out for a 5k walk/run, with the emphasis on the walk part. My goal was to keep my HR down and not do any damage to my recently surgically repaired back. One thing I can say for certain is that I am certainly not at the same level of fitness I was prior to my injury. My HR sky rocketed to 184 BPM on my last run portion and I was taking it very easy.

To give a run down all I was doing was 5min walk/1min run/4 walk/1min run/4 walk and repeated this pattern of 1/4 to the end of 5k at 42'19". My pace was nice and slow so as not to damage myself further. I was running the run portions at approximately 5:20-6:40/km, which at one time was a fine base pace for me, but now it has increased to 94% of my max HR of 196. I was not out of breath really and felt good except I probably could have gone slower.

Here is a screen capture of my HR and pace for todays adventure in heart attacks.

Over the last couple of days I have been trying to set up my road bike as a decent tri-trainer built for comfort and speed. I have had my 03 Soloist for a while and rode it for training only and now that I got rid of my P3SL Tri-bike to someone who can use it now, it will have to suffice.

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