Monday, February 18, 2008

All Set For A Long Road

Well it is on!!!

I am slated for surgery on the 25th of Feb and will be basically out of commission for 3 weeks to 2 months.

Here's the deal the ortho surgeon will take part of one of my discs out and then take the surrounding spinal 'bones' in the channel where the cord sits and cut pieces out to open up the channel thus alleveiating the stenosis in that area and hopefully allowing me to have no pain in my legs.

So hopefully it all goes well and I can get on with training towards at the least an Olympic race by summers end. I would really like to do a sprint in Smiths Falls in late June but that may be too soon, but we shall see.

On another note, considering moving out to Smiths Falls...seems like a nice enough town.

I will keep a training log on here of what I can accomplish every week and hopefully get back into tris.

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Aaron said...

Good luck, dude. See you in Muskoka.