Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Swim Training and Wine

No not together at the same time...

But I have been swim training and also ventured into my wife's fascination with wine.

I have always liked wine. Not necessarily to drink very often, but I instead love the collectibility of wine. The many distinct labels, varietals and growing locales make for a very interesting hobby. Well now I am trying to have a glass with dinner (the Mrs. tends to want to finish the bottle) as I attempt to exploit the wine for its health benefits, while enjoying the various flavours that each bottle has.

My swimming this week has also been of various 'flavours'.

Sunday's jaunt was quick open water swim. Just a quick 1200m with some folks from the Navy Master's club at Elk Lake. Even Elk Lake is different than my usual swimming hole at Thetis Lake. Its not better, nor worse - just different. It has different smells, wildlife, people, water and in general the atmosphere.

My next swim occurred Monday at Sooke's Seaparc Pool. This was like a $3 bottle of wine, it gets you where you want to go, but you don't enjoy it at all. Lane swimming  was available at 0900 and this is when I went. Little did I know lane swimming was only one lane and was run concurrently with the Aquafit class. Now God bless all the seniors and overweight folks that partake in Aquafit, but seriously do you have to wear perfume or maybe some sort of bath oils to the pool? All I know is that the suface was oily with strange hints of flowers and vanilla floating like a horror film's erie mist above the water. Now this was unpleasant, but not as unpleasant as, what I can only assume was an over chlorination of the pool. The only other option would be a significant ammonia dump by most of the Aquafit participants.

Under the umbrella of the pleasant atmosphere, I attempted my workout. But alas, it was a broken and agitated one. Not unlike a wine with pleasant bouquet (not the actual smells of the pool) and yet hits the palate with a wash of acidity, this workout was spoiled by folks that have no idea about lane etiquette. Two ladies (again God bless them for working out) approximately two-thrids the size of the lane each, would not wait at the wall for me to pass, after I am on their toes the entire length. I wanted to scream, "Pull over!" Unfortunately neither understood that I was not passing them during the length because of etiquette and shear fear.

The last two day's swim has been very pleasant. I went back to Seaparc expecting to find that $3 bottle of wine, yet to my surprise, when I showed up at 0615, the pool was almost empty. I had a lane all to myself each day. These were great. Imagine that glass of wine you have that pleasantly surprises you. That $15 bottle that tastes like $50 bottle. The mood was perfect at the pool. The lights were dimmed, the surface barely moved in front of me. The only criticism I would have is the dim hum of country music piping through the sound system (not my preference).

Meals have been good this week too thus far. Beautiful steaks, pork chops, chorizo with apple, grilled brie, BBQ chicken - all with a glass of wine.

Wines I tried this week:

2011 Castillo de Aguaron Cabernet Sauvignon
2011 Kiwi Cuvee Malbec
2011 Quinta da Aveleda Vinho Verde

Not a huge fan of the Malbec, but I must say the Cab was great in combination with the steak and the Vinho Verde was one of the best whites I have had. A perfect summertime wine. Its not sparkling per se but it does have some 'tickles' throughout.


Anonymous said...

How is your nerve pain from back surgery? You haven't mentioned it, is it gone?

Brian said...

So sorry I never saw this comment and it's been over a year...but my nerve pain is gone. I have many other pains and niggles but the burn of the nerves has ceased. I still get tight in the back, like its wanting to protect wow thing but I foam roll and it seems to help a lot.