Saturday, January 3, 2015

Adult Onset Athlete....again

Well it's been over a year since my last blog post. You know how it goes. Boy gets on the wagon, boys gets knocked off the wagon and lays around eating Doritos complaining about being smote by the all mighty smoter. During this time is when Mrs Brian rolls her eyes.

This is not a New Years Resolution. I started my new journey in pursuit of a healthier lifestyle and its associated goals back in the fall. It was all unstructured training then. No must do workouts, just workouts, mostly running....lots of running. As always I find it most difficult to outrun my entirely shite diet of soda, chips, pizza and whatever tastes good from frozen. I try and and I try but the salt and sugar is so good. Having the dietary palate of a twelve year old doesn't help. To get healthy foods in my diet, I find I gravitate to egg and natural ingredients for breakfast, tuna or chicken and spinach for lunch, nuts and fruit for snacks...but supper is a problem. I don't want to make anything. The Mrs does what she can but often works late leaving me to figure out an easy meal for the kids and I. Nothing beats ordering a pizza. It's there without me barely lifting a finger with Internet ordering. I can get in a bike workout in the Pain Cave, and it's there 30min later. Following this I continue to fail all night with crap after crap. Even if we don't have any crap foods, I get creative mixing baking ingredients like chocolate chips and peanut butter to curb my needs for sweet and savoury.

I haven't been injured in some time, at least not from tri training. I did have a torn pec and cracked ribs from hockey which certainly hindered training for a couple weeks. I think the lack of injury could be because I am training by the maffetone method for my base period. This is the heart rate training through the 180 minus age method which I know is arbitrary and not really based in any concrete number. However, I find it helps. It keeps me in check, holding me back during the base period, keeping honest in fact. An aerobic workout is an aerobic workout. Same thing on the bike. I am training indoors on my Wahoo Kickr with Trainerroad. Both of these are great products by the way. I pick sweet spot base training workouts that keep me in my MAF zones. Swimming? Well swimming is easy. It's my go to sport. When I was a youngster I won events in swimming at the Royal Bank Junior Olympics in 1979 (I think), CANUSA Games, regional champs, loads of city champs in an era that spanned several years from about age 6 to around 13 or 14. What happened then? I discovered I like smoking (cigarettes and other stuff), sneaking drinks and girls a whole lot more than athletics. But I digress.

I signed up for the Wellend Rose City Triathlon in mid June this summer on opening day of registration. The event is run by Multisports Canada, who have a great reputation for a quality event. I think I'll do ok, but honestly I just want to complete vice compete. It's also more about changing what I do before I get to the line and not what happens at the line. It's a half iron race, my second I think, consisting of a 2km swim, 90km bike and a 21.1km run.

I am loving the fact that I'm getting into the more structured part of my workouts, putting about 7-10 hrs per week of workouts and trying to keep ahead of my bad diet. I refuse to diet though and buy into any of these plans, schemes and snake oil. All they do is remind you of what you can't have and not what you're tryin achieve...which is overall a healthy sustainable lifestyle (not the granola eater kind of sustainable). I'm hopeful that I can regularly blog about the training and my journey, but I make no promises. You can always go back and read the old entries in this blog or my old one at or another at .

Another new aspect for me this time around is some more emphasis on functional strength training and movement and more holistic approach to training including how sitting in a chair all day affects training, how staring at my phone or computer hunched over affects it and how recovery, sleep and diet all have an input on performance.

Well until next time, hopefully not next year....

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