Sunday, September 8, 2013

I'm Baaack

So I tried Wordpress because of their ease of buttons linking to my Tumblr and Twitter feeds but alas I did a lot less on there than I ever did in this space.

Well I guess an update is due.

My broken ankle never healed correctly and had to be reset in December and since then I have been a good boy. I have been with the Navy Masters Swimming Club working out 3 times a week and have also been working hard on biking using and virtual power (love this program).

Over the last week I have retested my biking and its not great...FTP is sitting at about 181, not where I would like to be, but I guess I am just weak. My swimming is continuing to be just fine. Had 2 masters workouts, 1 individual workout using Sheila Taormina's workout cards and one open water jaunt of about 1200m with a few folks from masters.

During the summer, I was still unable to run for more than couple of minutes so I concentrated on my swimming. This culminated in an age group win at the Thetis Lake Open Water Swim and a 6th male overall...not too shabby me thinks. I did a 27'02" for 1500m.

Anyways I deploy overseas in a few and I think I have to get the blog going again to communicate what I'm up to.

Hopefully I'm not lying this time.

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