Friday, October 8, 2010 I don't post much...Season done and only one 'race'

My comeback was less than expected in 2010. I was tired and sore most of the summer. I couldn't put together much of training regularity.

Well I got a computrainer now and will ride that all winter. We already have a treadmill and I will continue to use it. My strength training will be all TRX this year. I am also trying to find an affordable and close by Yoga studio to get 'loose'.

I will likely get posted next year and I hope that it will be back to 'God's country' out on the island. Postings don't happen til late July/August time frame so I will be able to get into a race or two in Ontario before I am posted. Depending on the date of the posting I may look into the Musselman Half in Geneva NY. But we shall see.

It is tough to plan a season when you don't know where you'll live.

I will post once I have some off season base going.

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