Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Off Season and Injuries Come Again!!!

So in my cross training off season I have gotten injured yet again.

This time I was playing hockey and ripped my groin...seriously...not a strain but a beauty of a tear. Inside the thigh was bruised to dark purple and didn't show up till 3 days later.

Now for some plugs that don't pay or give me squat:

My Computrainer is plugged in a going ok. Took an easy ride on the RCV IM 70.3 St Croix course. ONly sat at about 150 watts for the ride..so really it was easy. Felt good and next on the list I will buy an ErgVideo to see how that looks in trainer. I have heard nothing but good things so I can hope for only the best.

Next on my list of shout outs is to my CW-X compression tights. They have been making my legs feel great!! I wish 2XU had some compression tights in my price range as I LOVE their tri-suits. With my newly acquired groin issues I have decided to purchase CompressSport quad compression sleeves. Again I have heard good things and they were offering free shipping.

Winter will also be seeing my wife and I hitting our Reebok Treadmill. There is no slip on the tread which I find is often the case for a man of my size.

My wife has bought me the TriggerPoint massage kit for Christmas. She tried to surprised but the Purolator guy came while I was the only one home...so looked at the label and now I know. And I am happy.

So on that it is off to my posting of 'stuff' online to afford other things...

2011 will be conquered successfully.

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