Thursday, May 20, 2010

Should I "Race" or Not??

In two days there is an early bird tri put on by Somersault Events in Ottawa and I am considering doing it.

I have only been home two days from overseas, haven't races a tri since my back injury and subsequent surgeries (about 3 years now) and I haven't swam in over a year. Yet somehow I am still considering it.

I know it will kick my ass but I also know I will feel much better going forward. I wasn't planning on racing til at least mid June but here I am. It is a 500m swim - 30.5km bike and 5km run - so not a long event in tri-vernacular. My run is ok and I should be 25min or less but my bike has been 99% on a spin bike over the last long time - due to being in Afghanistan. I went for a ride yesterday though and felt great!

So I am leaning toward doing the race...just looking for any reason not too...the butterflies are here.


So much for that is full...oh well back on plan.

Thinking about maybe driving down to Lake Placid and riding the course...maybe.


Kovas Palubinskas said...

Bummer about the race being full, I guess that decision was made for you. That being said, signing up for a race would probably motivate you to get your training on track. It also could give you a snapshot of your tri fitness level.

Brian said...

I think I am going doing the Ottawa Riverkeeper on June 12...just trying to decide between sprint and oly