Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lungs Full - Belly Not So Much

Well I continue training in Afghana-land where the weather is hot and the food is not.

I will start by letting you all in the secret of why we could possibly be losing this war...the food. The food we are fed is crap. Plain and simple crap. Every meal is some new concoction our East Indian friends in the kitchen dream up. They call it something almost familiar or with a familiar sound or word in it. For example the always wonderful 'Chinese Chilli Dong'. Now I am pretty certain that the Chinese don't do a whole lot of chilli eating. I am even more certain that hot dogs do not belong in chilli. Maybe that's where the dong comes from. I may have gone too far in calling these things hot dogs, as they are Euro style wieners. Not glorious brats or sausage but wieners. Not Oskar Meyers. These things are about a foot long and have a casing with the consistency of plastic wrap. Disgusting.

So now that the food is out of the way lets move on to the atmosphere. Yes it is hot. Like 40 degrees Celsius by 8am kind of hot; but that is not so bad as you get accustomed to it.

Not sure how many have been to the Sand Box over here but there is very little here. A generally receptive if not reclusive peoples is often smiling at us...although sometimes that smile is the harbinger of death. But that's another tale. There is no industry here. No factories burning through the night. No water being pumped through a steel mill and back into the world. Mostly it is just people and livestock - and not much of that. With all this caveman style living you would think air quality would not be an issue. But it is. It is terrible. I breathe in dust, sand, bugs and literally crap. Their feces are often in the open and so are the soldiers that reside here temporarily. Sure we kid ourselves with some indoor plumbing depending where you are stationed, but even that is then pumped into a giant 'pond of poo' at the airbase. Running past it is like running through a sulphur mine.

When not in the gym riding the spin bike or lifting weights to offset the loss the swimming fitness (not to mention age), I will run around the airfield. A distance of anywhere from 5-15km. Jets screech by, helos blow even more dust in the air and the vehicles along the same dirt 'roads' I run along are kicking up even more dirt and crap for me to heave into my lungs.

It is tough, but I digress. I relatively healthy and getting my fitness back to where I can race again. I am here on two missions - Canada's and mine.


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