Thursday, January 17, 2008

It's Coming Along

So hear we are at my mid-January report.

I am able to run/walk through most workouts and scale back my weight a bit, down about 6 pounds. My workouts have been weights twice a week and about 45mins-1 hr of cardio daily. I am trying to keep my heart at around 130-155 BPM and the only way I am currently able to this is by a walk run strategy. I am currently doing (5W6R4W6R4W6R4W6R4W) and it is ok, albeit somewhat disappointing since where my fitness was at in 06 and some of 07.

I am imagine my fitness will again take a fall once I go under the knife. Hopefully the surgery will happen shortly after my appointment on the 31st so I can work towards another season this summer.

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