Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Still Going and Going

Ran Elk Lake loop here in Victoria for the forst time since moving back. 10k slow and easy to make certain that my ankle holds up.

I was very very fresh. Felt good the whole time. Wore a compression top and calf sleeves, maybe they helped, maybe not...but I think so. The loop was same as I recall back in 2006. Weather was mild, almost no wind, lots of friendly people-dogs-horses and magnificently easy trail with vistas to match. I love this stuff.

I am still a go for the resolution run in January; the Mrs and I are both fired up. Only thing we need to do is continue running and stop eating like crap. My diet has been horrible unless you count onion rings as fresh vegetables. I cannot seen to escape. Laziness and boredom seem to be the biggest promoters of the unhealthy diet. I will stop, oh yes I will.

Looking at the website for IM St George last night and feeling extremely tempted. I am in no way capable of doing an IM right but maybe I could by May. But St George? Arguably the hardest current IM? Nah. I think I have to follow a more gradual plan. Certainly an Oly distance thsi year for certain but probably also a half. Then next year or one more onto the IM.

'Drink milk love life' is not working for me. I LOVE milk btu apparently it is losing interest in my. My gut hurts and I let loose the gas...a lot. I think I have to give it up. No more choco milk for me.

Anyhow, on to work and something in training later on.

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