Friday, March 5, 2010

Amazing Iroman NZ

I don't normally follow IMNZ as it is a world away and not too many big names are there.

Enter twitter.

For those that don't use twitter it is a great tool for learning how the pros and others train. Macca, Bozzone, Simon Whitfield, Kirsten Sweetland, Rapp and many more are on there giving their views and training synopsis amongst other things. Pro bikers have some of the more interesting posts, allowing us into the world of the peloton. Wiggins, Zabriskie, Hincapie, CVV and especially Armstrong offer insights not available from anywhere.

Now for the reason I paid attention to IMNZ live. Terrenzo Bozzone or 'T' as he is known to friends (I am not his friend through any means but social networking). T decided to feed updates on his race while in the race. A professional triathlete up for prize money - taking time out to give race feedback while the race is on. Now T unfortunately did not win on this day as Cam Brown took his record ninth IMNZ with a stellar performance. T ended off in second but provided many with a reason to get excited by allowing us within his domain.

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