Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ok ...Maybe I Promise - But I don't Follow Through

So I said I would be posting semi-regularly but I haven't....oh well. My bad.

I am back to training about 2-3 hours a day on the bike, running and hitting the weights. Hopefully my strong swim will remain while I concentrate on the other stuff.

Reason for no swim, well it is because no pool, no lake, no ocean, sea or large fountain. I am currently in Afghanistan fighting the good fight (unless you're Taliban or an Insurgent) and there is no water to be had. Sure a rain storm or maybe the 'shit' pond (sewage outlet) but no real water.

So instead I am trying to build my weak ass - literally and figuratively - back from the brink of destruction. I got here and did a lot of running fast both in velocity and time and I paid for it. With all of the sporadic training I have done over the last little I tweaked my back which in turn tweaked my piroformis which in turn tweaked a knee and and hip which made me limp a bit which then tweaked my back get the picture. So I have gotten a little acupuncture and conducted weight and core training and am getting stronger and feeling pretty good.

I can bike on a stationary and run on a treadmill so who knows what it will be like once home again but I am going to make it work.

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