Friday, October 9, 2009

THE Shot for Ironman Is Here!! Well 2011 anyways...

So the injection of excitement in Ironman coverage is coming in 2011.

As part of the contract with Radio Shack , or as the kids are calling it, 'the Shack' Lance Armstrong will an age group athlete at the Ironman World Championships in 2011. The story I read can be found here.

While Lance (cause we're sooo close and all) is not likely going to be a contender for the crown, he is an athlete and has a story. Not to belittle those other stories, but this one excites me and I hope that NBC doesn't fudge the coverage by making it a sappy piece, ripe with slow cumbersome music and dramatic pauses. Armstrong is an uber athlete and could possibly bust the Kona bike leg record.

NBC could make this a real event for once and show it live. Not only adding the excitement of the competition of the contenders, but also the story of Armstrong returning to his roots and showing everyone in the world what kind of athletes Ironmen truly are. Lance is a god in cycling and sport circles and will promote the athletes that compete in this event. This is the story we have been waiting for. Sport and emotion in one used to showcase the athletes in the event instead of just causes.

It better be live or some bleeding heart liberal arts student will edit it with footage of Lance's Mom crying and Sheryl Crow tunes and make it crap.

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