Friday, May 30, 2008

No Running...C'est La Vie...On To Other Stuff

My apologies for the lack of updates...not that many would care but I digress.

So after my weak attempts at runs and/or walks, I found myself in a fair amount of pain. Pain so much that I had to do nothing for a few weeks.

I have to bring myself around and re-concentrate into other things that will not make me feel too bad with regards to pain. I have been at the pool for the last couple of weeks and I am back up to decent workouts of 1500-2500m. I also plan on getting back onto the bike in the next few days if weather cooperates...a fair weater rider I am.

If this new plan of action works I will stay from running until my core strengthening is up to par and concentrate on the other two aspects and possibly make my way into a aqua-cycle event in the Somersault series here in Ottawa. If I have any luck, this will happen by August at the latest for a sprint aqua-cycle event (500m swim - 20km bike) and maybe if that works an Olympic distance aqua-cycle (1.5km swim - 40km bike) in early September.

I will attempt to keep current and list my workouts.

I hope to be able to jog by August also...very lightly and slowly and keep my recovery moving forward instead of in reverse.

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