Tuesday, July 24, 2007

New City, New Routes, Same Problems

Well to start, I am still in a fair amount of pain. That being said I am trying to get through it.

I am still not traing a great deal, just enough to get by without a great deal of pain. I am doing about 5-6 hours a week right now and the pain seems to be subsiding, even though the epidural shot I recieved at the end of June did nothing to help. I am doing more and more stretching and a bit of yoga.

Ottawa is a great city filled with cool folks and a great tri community. A lot of the drivers are bit oo agressive for a guy thats been living the relaxed West Coast lifestyle. The roads are also a bit treacherous in parts due to the cold, I am guessing.

I have a few short routes laid out around my house and near my work and I will be mapping all of my workouts on mapmytri.com .

I have it in my head that I will be able to accomplish my Ironman goal by summer of 2009. This season it is looking like I will only be doing one race during the labour day weekend (somersault.ca).

I am thinking that with the IM USA just down the road about 3 or so hours, I will make that my goal. Next season I will count on doing at least one early season (June) Olympic distance and one Half Iron (again) in September, perhaps late August.

Til next time. And really I should be posting more often than this.

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