Sunday, November 16, 2008

Apparently I Have Forgotten To Post

So here we are in mid November...

Here in Ottawa we actually had some snow prior to Halloween, it sucked.

Well since it has been so long since my last post I figure I should update all that give crap on my training and life in general.

I am running and biking a lot more nowadays and have been focusing on building a much better engine. On the bike I have gotten out and about to 2hr rides at nice easy pace and runs up to 1h 20min also at a nice slow pace. I want to do it right this time. No intervals or speedwork at all until after January 15.

I decided I really wanted to race in 2008 and didn't where, if I was ready or what place I was in. I opted for the Fall Colours Sprint Duathlon in Cumberland Ontario, RD is It was pretty cold when I left the house and I was layered up pretty good. I got set up in transition for my first DU and had no idea what to expect. I went for a quick warm up ride along the race route and discovered this was a definite hilly endeavor. The first 2.5k run was alright and not including the transition, which I walked through, I was averaging about 4:30/km according to the old Garmin. The bike was tough with several decent climbs and turns. I of course with my girth was dropped back a bit on the first couple climbs, but after the first lap I was feeling pretty good and even heard someone yell 'that guy's got a smooth cadence', I actually looked around, made certain I was alone, and smiled - nothing like a little pat on the back. The second 2.5k run was a different story. I felt weak. My legs were rubber. I guess all of this time off has really affected how I run off the bike. I finished almost dead middle of the pack at 41/83...not bad for so much time off.

To further my wanting to train properly this off season, I went and bought a used powertap power meter. The guy I bought it from was a 'friend' and gave me a good price. When it got to the house it was packed very poorly and the hub was poking out of the box and the accessories were floating around the box. When I attempted to use the serial connection to a comuter it didn't work. I informed my 'friend' of this by just texting that it didn't work, he went on the defensive and tried to put blame on me not downloading the right software and wrong drivers. After a bit of back and forth, he actually asked 'well what do you want from me', I replied that I wanted nothing and was only informing him that it didn't work and that packing was probably the culprit. And that was it no reply. Apparently it is too much for this guy to say a simple 'sorry bout that'. I asked for no refund or anything. And he was just an ass.

I promise that I will try to update a bit more often during my offseason.



Gavin said...

Hey ST, I read you saying on Slowtwitch about your surgery last year and your nerve pain taking some time to go away

I had a microdiscectomy last week and leg pain seems to be the same as pre-op.

Although your surgery was slightly different I notice you said you stuck with your leg pain for about 2 years before the surgery. I went about 2-3 years with leg pain and apparently the longer you wait the longer it takes for the nerve to heal
- would be good to know if and when you started feeling the inflammation on the nerve reducing.

All the best with the training!


tales of a teenage TRI queen said...

hi, my name is chloe, and i do triathlons too!! My blog name is !
good luck!! triathlon-ing!